Carrie Sutton – West Campus Math Teacher

What seemed like a disruptive teenager not particularly interested in math was really a young man who was bored and in need of a challenge. Although he completed his Geometry assignments, his side comments weren’t helping his classmates stay focused.

In hopes to channel Sean’s energy and personality in a productive way, I presented him with the opportunity to become a math “coach” for my Pre-Algebra class in the morning. There were a couple students in particular who I knew would benefit from more individualized attention. After just a couple weeks of this arrangement, the students Sean has been working with are understanding concepts better. When they check in with me after working together, they have smiles on their faces and completed work in their hands.

While some students may get frustrated when their peers don’t understand something, Sean is very patient and is able to explain concepts thoroughly. I can hear the excitement in his voice when he reports that he can tell that the guys he’s working with “are starting to get it.” I’m excited to see Sean’s personality, intellect and natural teaching ability blend together as he continues to coach my Pre-Algebra students!