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Bring hope, a second chance, and the love of Christ to Denver’s at-risk youth through quality education in a safe environment and a supportive network of loving, caring adults.


You make what we do possible. And your partnership is key to helping us bring hope to Denver’s struggling students. Thank you for partnering with us. We appreciate you!

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Graduation 2018

We saw a near record of graduates this year. Each has their own story of overcoming the odds. Some are first-generation high school grads, others finished school despite losing loved ones to cancer and gang violence. Each made the decision to “get back up” and keep moving forward. click through to read some of their comments. Please consider supporting our next group of graduates!


Most of our students have the same struggles that make a smaller more inclusive school setting ideal. From fractured homes to gang influences to learning gaps caused by poverty to the lack of stable personal and academic lives, we meet these struggling students right where they are.


We have an outstanding teaching staff who believes that every student deserves a great education! Every teacher has a degree in their field of study, and some are even former students of our program.


Our donors see value in every life, and they stand with us in agreement that every student matters—regardless of their struggles. They know success begins with a well-rounded education and are committed to helping our students grow into healthy productive adults.