DSS Student Success Stories

DSS Student Success Stories: Yanitza

“If it wasn’t for DSS, I wouldn’t be graduating. I would have felt all alone, like I had no way out of the dark hole I was in. They helped me when I didn’t really have anybody else to lean on. They helped me feel valued and loved. Thank you to DSS for accepting me, encouraging me, feeding me, and teaching me. Now I want to do something to help others, like maybe become a therapist or psychiatrist.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Tyler

“DSS helped me graduate. I literally tried to give up hundreds of times, but they wouldn’t let me. I learned that I can’t know my potential unless I apply myself. This school is a special place to me because I formed deep bonds with a few teachers who never gave up on me. They never expected me to be someone other than myself. I was valued and respected no matter what.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Mikayla

“I wanted to say thank you to DSS for helping me find the motivation and energy to get my high school diploma. Without their help, it would have been hard to stay focused. This school made all the difference and now I’m excited for my future!”

DSS Student Success: Bianca

“I want to thank DSS for never giving up on me and for always being there when I needed them. They helped me get closer to God and stay motivated in school. After graduation, I plan on studying law and becoming an attorney.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Camden

“Without this school, I wouldn’t have graduated or been ready to take the next step in life. DSS showed me I am more capable than I thought, and if I put my mind to something, I can do it! Now I’m going to pursue construction management.”

DSS Student Success Stories: June

“DSS felt like a second home to me. I felt safe there, and I know they’ll always have my back. I’m planning to go to community college for computer science and also learn to be an aesthetician. DSS helped me reach my goals that will help me pursue my future!”

DSS Student Success Stories: Jose

“I want to thank DSS for giving me the opportunity to grow, even though it was a rough journey. They taught me to pray and always put God first. DSS is a calm, safe place with wonderful, kind people. I plan to go to community college next year.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Monse

“DSS helped me feel more comfortable with who I am. I learned to understand myself and face my challenges. I learned how to be loved. They helped me get on the right path with school. Donors helped me, too, with clothes and food. DSS is a special place for me. I never saw my life past the age of 16, but here I am. I plan on community college next.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Angelica

“I went through difficult times while at DSS, and everyone was supportive and made me feel like I was at home. I’ll never forget the kindness they showed me. They seriously don’t get enough recognition for what they do. I’m so grateful for DSS and teachers I consider family.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Mia

“DSS helped me in a time where I wasn’t taking anything in life seriously, and they’ve been like my second family. This school is why I want to continue my education. Before DSS, I never planned on going to college, but now I’m planning to study interior decorating.”

DSS Student Success Stories: Siena

“At DSS, I met people who now have a big impact on my life. They helped me grow and see my worth. After graduation, I’m going to get my Associate’s degree and become an ultrasound tech. I love you DSS… thank you!”

DSS Student Success Stories: Ryan

“DSS gave me another chance when other schools wouldn’t, thank you for your help supporting me!”