Written by Corey — East Campus senior

East Campus Staff with Corey

The Denver Street School has changed my life in many ways. It has gotten me closer to God, and in doing so it has also gotten me closer to everyone around me. There are many occasions that stuck out to me, but the Outfitters for Christ spring retreat this year will always stick out the most.

During the retreat, I learned many things. They taught me how to be a leader, a good role model, and how great God’s love is. While on the retreat I learned that, although we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, He still loves us unconditionally. One way God shows His love is by having God’s children show love to everyone one around them. During our discussions, Nick and Rebecca seemed to look past all our flaws and see the beauty inside of us. They helped me see that I am worth more than I thought I was and that God put me here for a reason.

Before I went on the retreat, I thought I was unwanted by society and felt like an outcast, so I began to hate humanity. But they showed me that I am worth so much that God sent His son to die for me. I learned that although society doesn’t accept everyone, the kingdom of heaven will accept anyone as long as they have faith In Jesus. After I saw how much God loved everyone, I also began to regain my love for God’s children. While talking to Rebecca’s brother Tommy I saw that he used to be just like me. He wasn’t the most popular kid, he smoked weed, and he never thought he would fit in. He told me that after he gave up his life to Christ, everything changed. He didn’t care about what people thought of him as long as God still loved him. He was able to overcome his addiction to weed, and he finally realized God put him here for a reason.

Although I am not perfect, I am improving. I feel more compassion for others, I stopped smoking weed, I attend church every week, and I was baptized last Sunday. The most important thing I learned from the retreat is that God’s loving is unfailing and once you give up your life to Him, He will turn you into a new creation and will give you the strength to overcome sin and temptation. Ever since the retreat, I have found a new respect for everyone. Instead of seeing people as sinners, I now see people as children of God. The best thing about God, in my opinion, is that no matter how good or bad you are, God will always love you and comfort you whenever you need it.

Originally Published 05/05/2014