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For over 30 years, the Denver Street School has served Denver's at-risk youth by giving them a second chance to earn their high school diploma. We are a private, 501(c)3 school with two campuses, ready to meet your needs!


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Every once and a while, within the slight chaos that comes with teaching at the Street School, God gives our staff tiny glimpses into what He is doing within the hearts of our students.


A few weeks ago, I walked outside during E block to find Blair* sitting alone by the dumpster. When I asked her why she was ditching class, the floodgates opened up.

Her family had fallen apart before her eyes yet again; her dad had passed away over the summer, her mom was in jail, and she and her siblings had been placed in foster care for the “millionth time” in their lives. She was homesick and depressed, and understandably couldn’t muster up the intellectual or emotional strength to face algebra that day.

“I’m stuck, Miss. I’m stuck in this stupid world and it feels like no one cares about me.” She sobbed as she stared down at the concrete.

[Continue reading Blair's story here...]

Calling all volunteers!

October 20th marks the first day of our second quarter. Around here second quarter is one of our busiest! With end of year development work, gala preparation, and now the opening of our Hope campus next spring, we are in need of some extra hands!

If you are interested in getting plugged in at one of our campuses, fill out our volunteer application here and contact Amanda Hockmuth at 720-394-9272.

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What are you doing this Sunday? Our team will be out running the Justice Run! Register today & run for Hope! http://t.co/iu37pjUDVK
Do you work for a non-profit in Denver? Need extra hands for a project or a clean up day? We would love to help!
Contact us today about setting up a service project day with our students. We love to give back to our community! 303-860-1702
Are you looking for a school to attend 2nd quarter? We have openings at both of our campuses. Call our main office today at 303-860-1702.
Read today's #TransformationTuesday story on our Facebook at https://t.co/6H69rd2ePr

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