Amanda Hockmuth, Director of Development

During the month of June, the Denver Street School students went to the Outfitters for Christ (OFC) Ranch, an outdoor adventure mentorship program located in Yampa, Colorado. First the girls, then the boys spent a week in this incredible program.

I had the privilege of being 1 of the 3 chaperones for the girl’s trip.

During their week at OFC the girls participated in Bible studies, trust exercises, quite-time in nature, horseback riding, fishing, long hikes and many more reflective and exciting activities.

One of the more intensive trust exercises involved the majority of the group being blindfolded while a few students lead them through a meadow full of natural obstacles including foot bridges, steep hills and uneven ground. Oh yeah, and the guides weren’t allowed to speak! Everyone finished the exercise, but there were several girls on the edge of quitting. The exercise was designed to bring up personal challenges, and that it did!

After everyone’s nerves calmed, we sat down as a group and processed the issues brought up by the activity. One student stated “I felt like I was being pulled in two different directions!”. We discussed how in life we are often pulled by the 2 opposing forces of good and evil.

It was an incredible week full adventure and meaningful reflection! Thank you for helping make this possible.