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Program Details: Each component of the program was designed through a therapeutic lens to facilitate the healing process, encourage growth and learning, and allow students to acquire academic credits toward a high school diploma.

 This only describes a few of the components of the comprehensive program offered!

 Individualized Academic Education

The Academic Director of Hope Academy will complete an evaluation of each girl’s educational needs and current academic status at the time of her enrollment, and will develop an individualized education plan for each girl based on that knowledge. With the help of the academic director, teacher, and short-term mentors, each girl will work independently toward her individual academic goals, and ultimately toward the goal of a high school diploma. A quarterly review will be completed with each girl to determine progress, and to identify strengths and weaknesses in the academic plan. Hope Academy will be utilizing an online curriculum called Odysseyware which will be purchased to assist each girl in their education.  

·       Individualized academic plan

·       Odysseyware  

·       Trauma-informed teachers and mentors  

·       High School diploma

Creative Expression

Creative expression is an effective means of facilitating the therapeutic process through the cultivation and engagement of the imagination and creative processes. It will also be used to as a means of increasing the girls’ self-efficacy and self-esteem by providing opportunities for them to identify different types of activities they like and excel at. Hope Academy will be facilitating activities such as:

·       Abstract drawing and collage

·       Sculpting

·       Pottery

·       Creative writing and journaling

·       Photography

·       Academic credits

Therapeutic Yoga

Most individuals who have experienced complex trauma in their bodies, such as victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, are often are terrified of the sensations in their own bodies, and they need some form of body -oriented psychotherapy or bodywork to regain a sense of safety in their bodies. Therapeutic Yoga and mindfulness are healing practices that enable adolescent trauma survivors to learn to regulate the core arousal system in the brain and feel safe inside their bodies, develop a positive self-image, and improve their ability to direct attention away from unhelpful thought processes. Perhaps most importantly, yoga helps regulate emotional and physiological states, and allows a traumatized person to move out of the existing state of continuous hyperarousal into a state that allows for a more optimal level of functioning.  

·       Engages and helps regulate core arousal systems in the brain  

·       Teaches emotional regulation

·       Promotes positive self-image and self-care  

·       Helps regain sense of safety

·       Academic credits