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  • To provide a safe, therapeutic, and non-judgmental environment for girls who have experienced tremendous trauma and exploitation
  • To provide an individualized treatment plan that will include a quality education, individual and group counseling, mentoring with a committed adult, Christian female, a health and wellness program, vocational training and leadership training
  • To meet these girls where they are at individually
  • To share the love and truth of Jesus through relationship and sharing the Gospel
  • To break the trauma bonds created between the girls and their exploiters, and help the girls create new, healthy attachment to caring adults and peers
  • To connect the girls with mentors who will pour into their lives, and provide support outside the campus when needed
  • To model healthy relationships built on mutual respect and trust, and to foster healthy peer relationships
  • To promote the development of a healthy perspective of love and sex through scripture and psychoeducation
  • To help the girls develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and self respect
  • To help the girls identify their strengths, and provide the support and encouragement for them to embrace and grow in those strengths
  • To develop young leaders who are able to use their voices to advocate for themselves and others
  • To help the girls replace drug and alcohol use, self-mutilation, abusive relationships, etc., with healthy, positive alternatives and coping mechanisms
  • To empower the girls to take responsibility for their future choices, and help support them in those choices
  • To collaborate with law enforcement, social services, and other agencies to ensure the girls receive comprehensive support and treatment
  • To develop partnerships with other ministries, organizations, and individuals who will provide additional services not available through Hope Campus.

What will success look like?

  • The girls are able to develop healthy relationships and boundaries with adults, particularly men, and peers
  • The girls are able to identify and utilize healthy coping mechanisms, and make positive choices
  • The girls complete their educational plan and graduate with a high school diploma
  • The girls are able to identify one or more vocational interests, or post high school educational goals and are able to move toward pursuing those
  • The girls have a support system in place prior to graduating - friends, family, mentors, church body
  • The girls know the love of Jesus, and embrace the truth of Scripture
  • The girls have a renewed or new sense of faith and HOPE!