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Hope Academy

After 30 years of bringing hope to at-risk students, the Denver Street School has opened a new campus specifically for adolescent girls that incorporates a variety of therapeutic elements and teaches empowerment.

Hope Academy 


A Place Where Hope Blossoms… 


Offering HOPE, healing, and a safe and loving environment to help students work toward an education and a successful future.



Hope Academy was developed with the vision of creating a loving, supportive environment that will encourage growth and learning; that will be a place of creativity, imagination, color, and laughter


Our goal is to remove as many obstacles to as possible in order to assist students in their journey toward success. We offer the following assistance to our students based on their needs:  

Transportation to and from school ·  Childcare on site ·  Lunch and snacks ·  Mentoring ·  Individual therapy ·  Skills groups ·  Gardening classes ·  Cooking classes ·  Hygiene and self-care classes ·  Financial management classes ·  Entrepreneurship classes ·  Parenting skills classes ·  Career and guidance counseling ·  Tutoring


Students will receive academic credit toward a high school diploma for all activities throughout the day. For those students whose life circumstances make it difficult for them to fully engage in school, Hope Academy staff are available to help create a plan that will work. The success of our students is our priority. We aim to help students achieve their goals in every area of their lives, and help to empower students to make healthy life choices.




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